Yamaha EF2800i

Yamaha EF2800i Review

Is the Yamaha EF2800i the right generator for you? If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to make an informed decision whether this machine is the best one or you, then check out this post to understand what this equipment has to offer. During an outage, you might be into a lot of stress especially if you’re in the point of finishing some household chores like cooking. To avoid the desperation, you should have a generator in handy. Not only that it can help you finish a household chore, but it can also power appliances during special occasions such as garden weddings, children’s parties, and others. For job sites, you can also depend on the Yamaha EF2800i.

Yamaha EF2800i Review

First of all, Yamaha EF2800i can run for seven hours under the full load, but can run up to 15 hours when you’re using it at ¼ load on its single fuel tank. Having that said, it had enough power to supply an RV air conditioner at 13,500 BTU, vacuum, a router and a power tool like a chain saw when we tested.

This machine is also CARB-compliant equipment which means that it has passed strict regulations imposed on generators and can be sold in the State of California. It has passed air pollution tests as well so you can look forward for an environment-friendly equipment to work for you. At the same time helping you with your power outage problem, it can also help save the environment. This generator can reduce emissions effectively.

It has 2,800 rated watts at an AC output. You should compute powers of all all the appliances you need to supply with this generator and make sure that they don’t exceed max power that this generator set can accommodate.

The Yamaha EF2800i is an inverted generator that uses its motor/engine to make an AC current. Then, it uses an inverter module to transform the AC power to DC for a smoother direct existing power. After that, it invert the direct current back to the well-regulated 120V AC. It is less likely to fry electronic equipment than with other basic types of generator sets on the market, which makes this generators one of the safest ones and moderately higher price is justified.

It comes with a rewind w/ auto decompress system as its starting system. This generator has overall dimensions of 15.6” W x 19.2” L x 16.7” H. Overall, its dry weight comes at 64.0 lbs. It has a fuel capacity of about 2.9 gallons and an industry leading warranty of three years which prove it’s quality.

Economically talking, this generator set is pretty dependable because it reduces fuel consumption. It can also run at minimal noise when compared to other generators on the market and that’s what many customers like. It comes at a multi-pole alternator which further decreases weight but offers excellent power output when we take a look at its power/weight ratio.

The only con some users find about this generator is that it’s a bit costly for the power it offers. However this is inverted generator and this is pretty logical and justified.

Overall, the Yamaha EF2800i is a decent buy for any households. It’s CARB-compliant so you can expect for quality, durability, economy, and energy efficiency. Plus, this one is environment-friendly, meaning it helps reduce emissions in the air. To sum it up, the Yamaha EF2800i is a great choice especially that you can buy it at lower prices online. I found that some of the best deals at on Amazon.

Yamaha EF2800i Review