Westinghouse 6500e

Westinghouse WH6500E Review

If you’re looking for great generator with enough power to power up most of the devices in your home – Westinghouse WH6500E might be it. One of the highest value-for money devices, made by an American company with proven quality and it comes with 3-years warranty. When we tried to get this generator to review it, we discovered it isn’t available in most of the local shops and that it’s getting sold out very quickly. The best bet would be ordering it online from Amazon since price is very competitive and delivery is fast and free.

Westinghouse WH6500E Review

Talking about generator features, this generator has very high output power of 8000 starting and 6500 running watts. This practically means you can run many electronic devices, including multiple refrigerators, lights, TVs and computers. When you experience power outage you can be sure this device won’t let you down, even if you use it on daily basis.

For the whole time we’ve tested it we haven’t experienced even single problem with it. It’s good to know support team can be reached easily even though we didn’t had the need to call them and can’t comment on quality of support.

Westinghouse makes one of the best engines in the industry and this one isn’t exception. WH6500E has 420cc OHV engine which is sleeved with cast iron and is designed to be very durable and operate more quietly compared to similar generators. One of the features you’ll love is one touch electric start – meaning no more pulling. This is pretty amazing thing if you know how hard starting the generator with the cord can be. Here, you just press the button and it’s on meaning it can be started by literally anyone. Selling package already includes all you need to get started right from the box: high-leverage handles, tires, tool kit and even 1 gallon of oil and funnel.

Westinghouse WH6500E selling package content

Speaking of built quality – it seems very solid and durable. Quality of this device is above average and can’t be compared with cheaper devices, making it totally worth every cent you’ll pay for it.

This generator also seems very efficient if you’re going to use at least half of its power. Fuel consumption is fair taking the power you get.

This product doesn’t really have any major cons. Some people find it a bit heavy to carry but it does have wheels so it shouldn’t be a problem. In conclusion, this device is definitely worth you consideration and I would recommend it to anyone in need for good generator with no hassles.

Westinghouse WH6500E Review