WEN 56682

WEN 56682 Review

Don’t let power outage surprise you. Keep your food cool, house warm and lighted even when that happens. WEN 56682 Portable Generator can help you with that. This is one of the top-notch generators available. For a short period of time, many people have testified how great this generator is.

WEN 56682 Review

First things first, if we look at 56682’s specification we’ll see that it has output of 7000 watt of surge and 5500 watts running power. Many people get confused by these terms, so I’ll try to explain it to you. Surge or starting power is a maximum power generator can produce for a short period of time, but it can’t keep producing that much power for a long time. This is useful for some devices that consume more power when get turned on and then their consumption falls.  So the real power generator produces is lower value that is called running power. This generator produces 5,5KW of running power which is enough for many devices you’d need to supply. You can plug all your refrigerators and freezers and still have enough power left for lighting and some electronics, like computers and TVs. As a reference, modern refrigerators spends about 60-100W and approx. the same quantity of energy is spend by TV. The most energy is consumed by heating appliances which can spend 2000W or more. You get an idea of how many devices you can plug.

WEN 56682 has 4 120 Volt receptacles and you can use extension cords. It is very economic when it comes to fuel consumption. It spends about half a gallon per hour but can last up to 12 hours with full fuel tank and moderate usage. The tank has capacity of 6.5 gallons.

This generator has very solid built, materials are very high quality. One of the greatest thing about it is his engine, which is very durable and powerful, at 13 Horse Powers.  Generator is equipped with forced air cooling system which keeps engine from overheating and prolongs it’s service life. Another level of engine protection is automatic shutdown if oil level is low.

Starting this generator is quick and easy, since it has electronic “push of the button” start feature. This is one of the most beloved features that generator can have, since it eliminates the hassle with starting up the generator and it just works the first time you try.

Shipping package also includes basic toolkit and power adapter, but does not include any oil or gas so you’ll need to buy that separately.

What most people reported as a con is loudness of this generator. We do agree on that, but keep in mind that pretty much any generator is very loud, if you want those with better sound isolation, you will have to pay almost double the price.  We think that noise level is very standard for it’s price range and engine power.


  • 390cc 13 HP OHV engine provides 7000 surge watts and 5500 running watts
  • 6.5-gallon fuel tank provides up to 10 hours of operation at half load
  • Easy ignition with the keyless electric start or by pulling the back-up recoil starter
  • Includes wheel kit, NEMA L14-30 plug, adjustment wrenches and a two-year warranty
  • Features four 120V 20A three-prong outlets, a twist-lock 120/240V 30A outlet (L14-30), and a car-charger-style 12V DC outlet
  • When “P” shows up, this means the generator is in need of maintenance.
    • CodeAction needed
      • P25 For new generators out of the box, change the oil after the first 25 working hours.
      • P50Change oil and clean the air cleaner element.
      • P100Change oil, clean the air cleaner element, and clean the fuel strainer.
        After every 100 hours of use, check sparkplug condition.

In conclusion, you’ll hardly find better device for the price and we think it’s absolutely worth the money. Great deal with free and fast shipping can be found on Amazon.

WEN 56682 Review