Ryobi 3,600-Watt Gasoline Powered Recoil Start Portable Generator with CO Shutdown Sensor

Ryobi 3,600-Watt Gasoline Powered Recoil Start Portable Generator

At home or on the jobsite, the RYOBI 3,600-Watt Portable Generator is the ideal power source. Power output from this generator is 3,600 Running Watts and 4,500 Starting Watts. Start your generator with ease thanks to its straightforward three-step starting procedure. The unit is protected by a sturdy hand truck frame and 8.5 inch flat-free wheels while also being portable. An automatic voltage regulator maintains dependable and constant power while guarding against harm to the generator and the connected devices. All of your power requirements are met by the convenient control panel’s 4 120-Volt 20 Amp (GFCI Protected) outlets and 1 120-Volt 30 Amp RV ready outlet. For added safety, this generator has a CO Detect technology, which includes a CO Sensor that will turn the generator off when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are found. The UL 2201-certified RYOBI 3,600-Watt Portable Generator is covered by a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

  • 4,500 starting watts, 3,600 running watts
  • (4) 120-Volt outlets and (1) 120-Volt 30 Amp RV ready outlet
  • Automatic CO shutoff with CO sensor for increased safety
  • 3 step easy start
  • UL 2201 certified
  • 3-year limited warranty

Reviews recently have been fantastic!

I’ll go over some of this device’s features and specifications before discussing my experiences using it. The engine in this generator is an OHV 212cc. It requires an NGK BP6ES spark plug or an alternative. This device holds up to 4 gallons of fuel and requires around 20 oz of engine lubricant (gasoline). The generator has a 120v, 60Hz, 30amp rating. Watts are equal to voltage times current. You receive 4,500 starting watts and 3,600 running watts from this unit. The generator has two 120v ac, 20amp duplex receptacles and one 120v ac, 30amp RV receptacle, making it ideal for recreational vehicles like campers. The generator has single phase, 60hz outlets. A circuit breaker is installed in each outlet to safeguard the generator from electrical overload. During operation, an air filter helps keep dirt and debris out. When starting, running, or stopping the engine, the choke lever, fuel valve, and engine switch are all used. In order to properly ground the generator and prevent electrical shock, there is a ground terminal. This device has a carbon monoxide sensor that will shut it off automatically if it detects dangerous levels of the gas. To help prevent damage, there is a low oil sensor that will turn off the generator when the oil level is too low. Using the built-in cap/dipstick to check the oil level is simple. With drain plugs, Ryobi made it simple to remove the oil or fuel from this generator. With the recoil starter grip, you start this generator just like you would a lawnmower. There is some assembly required for this unit. Very little assembly is required. The washers and hitch pins that are provided are used to secure the wheels. Using the provided bolts, you fasten the feet. You are then ready to go after adding your gasoline and the included lubricant. After opening the box, I quickly had this unit working thanks to the starter’s manual’s simple layout. For more information, there is also an owner’s manual included. It provided power for my chop saw, table saw, and a few of my other high power tooling. A northeaster storm just hit Massachusetts where I live. For a few days, we were without electricity, but this generator kept us going. I used this device to charge my tool batteries, power my refrigerator, two TVs, a few lights, and my portable electronics. I also have a smaller portable Ryobi generator, so this is my second one. I adore them both. Since my shed has no electricity and I take it camping, I use the other unit to power it. Although this unit isn’t quite as quiet as my smaller Ryobi generator, it’s still pretty quiet compared to others in its class. When you receive this much power, your machine will be loud. The box was heavy when I first got this product, and it took 2 of us to carry it to my shed. Once I took it out of the box and attached the wheels, moving it around was incredibly simple for one person. When stored, the handle can be folded down to make more space. I would have lost everything in my freezer and refrigerator this week if I didn’t have this generator. I’m overjoyed that I got it. You probably would be, too. Give this a try if you’re looking for a generator. You won’t be dissatisfied. As soon as I have some free time, I’m going to try to make a video review.

Bring a companion when you unpack this beast. It weighs about 120 pounds, and the wheels are separate, so you have to attach them yourself if you want to move it very far. The process of attaching the feet and wheels is quick. Two socket type wrenches should be available. For the feet, one will be a 9 mm and the other a half-inch. The wheels are simply attached with cotter pins. The wheels are gorgeous and substantial. If you intend to pick up this item, it will fit with the seat down in all small SUVs and larger vehicles. Small car trunks won’t fit it unless you have straps for the lid. It comes with oil, so I recommend saving the bottle in case you ever need to know how much you need. If you intend to start this thing right out of the crate, have a minimum of 5 gallons of gas on hand. Additionally, make sure you have stabilizer for off-season storage. Additionally, you only need regular gas; nothing else is necessary in terms of the fuel. Just make sure it’s good grade gas rather than inexpensive gas. Cheaper gas always seems to have a little bit more water in it, which is never good for a generator’s carburetor. This brings me to another crucial point: if you purchase this unit, you must be aware that even if you only occasionally use it and even if you live in an area where you use it occasionally, the cost will still be significantly lower than using a snow blower. Examine each warranty issue that pertains to this product in detail. As long as you continue to change the gas or stabilize it annually and run it for at least a few hours, you’ll be fine. The fourth image I included demonstrates something I completely missed. I pulled on this thing about six times with no luck after giving it gas and making sure all the oil was inside. To see what else I could do, I looked in the manual, but there was nothing there. I then discovered a red kill switch that was in the off position after searching the engine’s side, as shown in the photo. When I turned that thing on, it started up immediately. Neither the quick start guide nor the manual mention this feature at all. I decided to test the easy run feature after about an hour and discovered that it was simple to start. It isn’t particularly quiet in terms of sound, but it is a little quieter than average for its size. To test its capacity, I plugged in an air compressor with a few outlets, and it worked without a hitch. It’s a really nice machine, but remember to find the kill switch before turning it on.

I figured it would be a good idea to (finally) buy a generator for those blackouts since we experience power outages during storms. This came at the ideal time because a Nor’easter had just passed through, knocking out power for almost 3 days and miles around! The kit was incredibly simple to assemble, to start with. The only tools required were for the front rubber pegs, which lock the wheel axles into place using cotter pins (nut driver needed). From unpacking to running, it took less than ten minutes! By the way, remember to add the oil (included in kit). I wasn’t sure how well this specific generator would manage common household loads (like the microwave, refrigerator, or coffee maker), but I was willing to give it a shot. Because I didn’t notice the sag that I have with other generators, the surge rating of 4500 watts seems to make a significant difference in overall load handling. To prevent food from spoiling and give us the ability to reheat food and coffee, I took turns switching between the microwave, fridge, and freezer when I could easily power any single appliance in the house. This generator has made me VERY happy, and Ryobi offers it at a price that is both fair and high in value.