Powermate PM0497000.04 Review

Today’s featured review is the Powermate PM0497000.04 and is meant to inform you about the features that you’re going to look forward with this portable generator set. Household owners across the United States are using this generator to power their appliances during an outage or an outdoor activity like family picnics, camping, and parties. Meanwhile, this is also used by project managers for site power.

First of all, this generator’s engine is made by Honda—one of the finest suppliers and makers of engines not only in Japan but all over the world. This is a very famous name that is commonly associated with making quality and powerful engines. I think that this generator is portable and compact, which is backed up by a durable wheel kit. For that same reason, this gen set is dependable.

Powermate PM0497000.04 Review

Then, let’s take a look at the running wattage. First of all, the running wattage is the power amount that can be produced which determinate the number of appliances which can run at the same time. So, for that matter, I advise that you list down all those appliances that you’ll use with this generator. To sum it up, you should be calculating power wattage of those appliances to reach up to 7,000 watts at max.

Now for the starting watts, you have to take note that all items to be plugged into this equipment will consume some power, meaning this is the amount of power your gen set can accommodate. For this one, you can expect for about 8,750 watts in starting power.

Not only that the running and starting watts you should consider when buying the generator, but also the engine horsepower. This one has the engine called GX390 OHV which is quite reliable and powerful. It has got about 13 horsepower.

The Powermate PM0497000.04 has an eight-gallon fuel tank and a fuel meter. I think the fuel gauge is necessary for every generator so that you can check for the level of fuel all the time. With it, you can check out if your machine needs refueling in no time.

How about it’s run time with 50% of load? Just like some generators, I found out that this can run for twelve hours with 3500W load (50%). This machine can run efficiently and long. What’s good about it as well is its low oil shutdown. Honda has included this to avoid machine damage when running at low oil supply. You can be sure the engine will work smoothly for years.
This generator has a recoil starting method meaning it’s started by use of cord. I tested and have found that the engine can be started fast without any problems. It’s a pity it does not have electric start feature, but anyway it powers on very easily.

The only con I found with this product is that it’s not CARB compliant just like some generator sets on the market. So, this one cannot be used or sold in California. Nonetheless, you can buy it if you live outside the state.

Overall, I think this Powermate PM0497000.04 is a great buy especially if you can find the best deals online. When I researched, I found out that Amazon.com got some of the best deals for generator sets. The Powermate PM0497000.04 is a good value for your money. With these features, I guess every homeowner will love to use the Powermate PM0497000.04.

Powermate PM0497000.04 Review