Generac 5735

Generac 5735 review

The Generac 5735 portable generator is a heavy-duty yet compact unit that will get the job done during long power outages. This unit consists of an electric start, locking fold down handles with wheel kit, 26,250 surge watts and 17,500 rated watts, and a 992 cc OHV engine. It has a 2 year consumer engine warranty and a 1 year commercial engine warranty.
Other important features on this unit include 120/240 single-phase voltage, 60 hertz frequency capacity rating and the engine functions at 3600 RPMs. This generator has a 16 gallon fuel tank and will run for 10 hours at half load.

Generac 5735 Review

This is an excellent unit for prolonged power outages. Users with homes over 3,000 square feet have reported this unit has powered the entire house for up to 10 hours with the possible exception of central air conditioning.


In addition to its capacity, the Generac 5735 has several other advantages. It is easy to assemble (about an hour on average), the engine is designed run without stalling, has a low oil shutdown to prevent damage to the unit, and a fuel gauge to monitor fuel. The portable wheel kit’s tires are no-flat wheels so there will be no worries about moving the unit. Those who have purchased this unit consider the low noise muffler to be one of the best features. This heavy duty unit is quieter than other generators on the market. Another favorite is the circuit breaker protected outlets which will protect against circuit overload. The unit has an electric ignition making it easy to start.


This unit is not carb compliant and cannot be sold in the state of California. Its 16 gallon fuel capacity makes it expensive to run (although it is important to note this also means the unit runs for longer periods of time than most generators). Weighing around 400 pounds, it will take a two or three strong people to initially lift the unit onto its wheeled frame.

Other Important Product Notes

Other customers have noted having a male plug to clip on this generator will be helpful. It is also important to read the owner’s manual thoroughly before its first use. A maintenance kit and engine oil are provided with the unit. The unit is considered low maintenance. It has a pressurized lubrication system that will send oil to the necessary areas of the unit. The oil and dual-element air filter also aid in unit maintenance. Please see the owner’s manual for further maintenance instructions. The generator has two 120 V outlets, 2 ground-fault interrupted 120 V outlets , 1 120 V 30 amp twist-lock outlet, 1 120/240 50 amp twist-lock outlet and 1 12 VDC battery charger.
This heavy-duty unit is a reasonable investment that will give the user peace of mind during long power outages. Whether it is to avoid the inconveniences or to prevent loss of work for those who have a home office, this generator will give the power one needs to go about their daily schedule.

Best Price

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Generac 5735 Review