DuroMax XP10000E

DuroMax XP10000E Review

Here we have one of the most powerful generators that come from DuroMax. DuroMax is reputable generator producer established in 2005, and it became extremely popular thanks to it’s quality and value. XP1000E is one of their leading generators which occupied a great market share in short period of time. Many house owners rely on exactly this generator and great majority of them have nothing but good to say about it.

DuroMax XP10000E Review

DuroMax XP10000E has output power of 10000 surge and whooping 8000 running watts. This will allow you not to only supply your essentials, but also all the other electronic devices so you can enjoy maximum comfort even when your power supply is interrupted. Having your heater or air conditioner on, along with all your freezers, refrigerators and some other electronic devices would be perfectly fine with this generator. Just as a reference, this generator’s power is enough to supply 130 standard light bulbs.

This is one of very few devices that is EPA Approved – meaning it’s environment friendly and can be used even when camping in the nature.

XP1000E has a 16.0 horse power OHV engine, which can be started both manually and automatically. Although no one would actually prefer manual – recoil start this is especially useful if electric start battery isn’t charged or won’t work for any reason. It’s not likely that you’ll ever have to use recoil start, but it’s great back-up option. The engine also has low-oil auto shutdown feature, which will prevent harms if you forget to refill your oil. This generator doesn’t come with any so make sure you buy oil together with gas.

Speaking of running time, it can run about 10 hours at half capacity and with full tank. This generator has 8.3 gallons fuel tank which is one of the industry largest fuel tanks available on portable generators.

Besides two standard 120-volt 20A receptacles, you can also find 120vAC 30A, 120/240vAC 50A and 120/240vAC 30A receptacles on the panel of this generator. This will allow you to plug any type of cord you could possibly need.

DuroMax XP10000E Panel

Many of you may think that powerful also means loud generator. This doesn’t always have to be a case. DuroMax XP10000E hits a maximum noise level of 72 decibels, which is comfortable for use even in the RVs or on camping.

Moving this generator around is pretty easy since it has 10,5 inch all terrain wheels, which never get flat. At 240 pounds, this certainly is pretty heavy device but as mentioned before, it comes equipped with great wheels.

As for built quality, this most definitely is one well-built device. Materials look solid and expensive, and selling package also include some extras, like tool and wheel kit, battery and very detailed operating manual.

Price of DuroMax XP10000E is maybe a bit higher, but is very justified taking into calculation everything this generator has to offer. I would definitely recommend this generator to anybody looking for quality product. Great deal on this can be found online, at Amazon, and it comes with free shipping. You can also take a free trial of their “Premiere” service and get this device delivered to you within 2 days.

DuroMax XP10000E Review