Champion Power 42431

Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review

The Champion Power Equipment 42431 gas generator is lightweight and portable. It is strong enough to run power for several household items. It’s not only perfect for power outages at home, but also a good source of power for camping, tailgating, and on construction job sites.
The Champion 42431 has 1200 watts rated (1500 maximum output), 80 cc 4-stroke gas engine, CARB compliant (can be sold in California), weighs 66lbs, and has one 1-120 volt protected outlet to prevent overload. It has a two year limited warranty (see the operator’s manual for full details).

Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review

Other features of this portable generator include up to 10 hours of run time at half load, a 1.2 gallon fuel tank (with fuel gauge so the user will know when the fuel is getting low), and a recoil (pull the cord) start. It runs at 65 decibels, comparable to a vacuum cleaner.


This unit is very affordable yet durable. It has been known to power a few lights, a computer, television, phone, and refrigerator at the same time. It’s carb compliant and has an intelligauge displaying the frequency, operating hours, and voltage allowing the owner to know when it is time to perform maintenance. It has a cast iron sleeve and is in a solid steel frame and is therefore built to last for a very long time. The 42431 has low oil shut off sensor to avoid damage to the unit.


This is a smaller generator so it cannot power an entire house. Some users argue this generator is loud when running at full load. It is important to consider generators are generally fairly noisy and that this generator is 1500 watts and it is to be expected it has limits to how much it can power at one time. This unit may require frequent spark plug changes.

Maintenance and Customer Service

Be sure and read the operator’s manual thoroughly before the first use. However, should there be an issue, Champion is known for excellent customer service and tech support. They also offer prompt replacement for defective or missing parts. The most common issue users come across when first using this unit is neglecting to disconnect the low oil sensor once it is filled with oil the first time. Let it run for an hour or two and then reconnect the sensor. The first oil change for this unit should be done after 100 hours of run time.
The Champion 42431 can be used for more than a power outage due to weather. Users who have purchased this unit have used it while camping, hunting, tailgating, and on job sites. Imagine wanting to go camping for the weekend but having the need to work for a bit. Take the laptop along, power it up with this portable generator, and relax and work at the same time! It’s also quite convenient for running power tools and vacuums for clean-up at construction sites.
The Champion 42431 portable generator is well-worth its small investment. With proper maintenance, this durable unit will do the job for many years. Amazon traditionally have best price on this generator and offer fast and free delivery. You should consider buying it on-line.

Champion Power Equipment 42431 Review