All Power America APG3012

All Power America APG3012 Review

Today’s review will focus on one of the best budget generators available – the All Power America APG3012. Those who already own it have nothing but great things to say about this generator made by All Power America—one of the biggest names in the industry and a great supplier of quality engines.

If you’re looking to buy a generator to power your appliances during an outage problem, then this one might be perfect for you. It’s portable so you can also take it anywhere especially when you do outdoor activities. Now, you don’t have to limit yourself in doing the things you love like watching TV, baking, or vacuuming the carpet during an outage. With this generator from All Power America, you can run several appliances at the same time without any problems.

All Power America APG3012 Review

I have tested this product during a winter snowstorm and have found out that this generator is very reliable during emergencies. As you might know, we encounter emergency power needs in winter especially when the weather is truly unpredictable. When there are weather disturbances like hurricanes every homeowner in America can benefit for this quick-starting generator set from All Power America.

In America, we seldom lose power but if you do, you can expect for a continued family activity with the use of this powerful machine. You can plug the generator into our transfer switch and power your appliances such as lights, fan-forced gas fireplace, microwave ovens and many others. However, you have to make sure that you don’t exceed a maximum running power of this generator. Sometimes it can stop some essentials, like the fridge from operating so don’t overload it. When it comes to wattage, this generator produces 3,250 watts of surge power so you can expect continued energy supply for essential appliances.

When it comes to setting up, All Power America APG3012 is straightforward. I recommend, however, that you read and understand everything stated in the manual. If anything remains vaguely, call the customer support for any queries. When you’re unpacking, be sure to check for the spark plug tool, oil funnel, and the 12V cords. Don’t forget to add the engine oil according to maker specifications. Fill it in with fuel and you’re good to go. This is quite easy to start up by turning on the engine switch and fuel valve. Then, just pull the starter cord once or twice. In most tests, this generator starts smoothly and easily. The engine runs easily and not so noisy unlike many other generators on the market. The only cons I found about this product are that it comes without 220V outlet and voltage meter.

All Power America APG3012 has a very affordable price and works very well. It usually starts in your first pull so no time for frustrations at all. This is also easy to setup and start. This is a good buy with a great value for money.

All Power America APG3012 Review